PsychoScientoLogy (Sinnsvitenskapslære)

I defined the term PsychoScientoLogy (PSL) back in 2002 – 2003 as a core component of a selfdefined system.

The name in itself is a combination of ‘Psyche’, ‘Science’ and the ‘-Logy’ and describes an (imaginary) special field of psychological study, not quite sure if I would call it metapsychology, but more like an extended branch of psychology, that  emphasize other types of intelligence like AI.

PSL would lead to what is today known as the “ZyberCoreX”, here the Z is not a typo, but a reference formed from some ‘near death experiences’

(as close as I have ever been at least).

I could(and will) go more into detail, but I end this post here.


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