Soon we reach the point where we can’t rely on anything we read/watch on the internet, because the technology becomes so powerful that any image,sound or video can be produced with any content, on demand, surely it is fake, but just as real as any digital representations of reality. When will this actually happen? Will we even know? #ZyberCoreX


No progress? Well, here it seem to be none (until now), but what you see is not necessary any indicator. Bits and pieces can be located by any reader who search with adequate level of motivation. I do most of my work on paper,  computers have a hard time reading them, I find this somewhat important. Yes, cryptic maybe, but this is necessary, and is no attempt to ‘cheat’ and just say so (I assure you, if that makes any difference).

[Bilingual method] EN/NO:

Jumping fra et språk to another skaper åpenbart effects upon the readers mind, but those who master both, har ingen problem med å understand this whole sentence.

PsychoScientoLogy || Fantasiologi || ZyberCoreX are three components I implement into the system. I am working on different components in ways that are being taken seriously by different people, while I have to fight against the ‘psychiatric mafia’ (they are drugging me down).

I cannot yet give any ‘simple’ presentation of my work (probably never will), but I design/define || develope/correct || experiment and study.

I use my own system to find new or better ways to improve, both the system and my own capability. (Paths are found here and there).

I Observe, I Reflect and I Conclude (ORC).

I will continue when the time comes, thanks for reading.

The non-seeing eye.

Der Process

Thulean Perspective

French. MagyarRomanianSerbian. Spanish.

Last year individuals in the government of France, without permission from a judge, had their police shoot up our front door in the early morning (rather than just knock on the door). They did not identify themselves as policemen until after they have breached the door and entered, but thankfully I could see through the glass that they were indeed policemen. (We can only speculate on why they did it that way.) They arrested my pregnant wife and me, and left our scared children – age 2, 3 and 5 at the time – to the care of my boomer parents-in-law, who (according to the children) instead of comforting them hit the oldest one and told them all that they would not see us again.

The police arrested us without having any evidence against us, and without a judge’s…

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